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Efoils Team

If flying above water is an experience you have not tried call us today.


Electric Ave Efoils

Our promise is to deliver each product to our customers with top notch customer service. Making sure you become just as knowledgeable as we are about the brands we represent and are confident on your path to new adventures and experiences.

  • Kelowna

    British Columbia


    2021 Lineup

    The MSLR E-Foil is built from composite and carbon fibre to achieve maximum strength and durability. Inside the MSLR E-Foil is an IP68 certified waterproof battery box which also contains the electronics. Who can use the MSLR E-Foil? Our products are designed for anyone from young kids to adults. Our E-foils are super easy to ride/fly. You will be enjoying an incredible experience with in minutes. â€‹Riding an MSLR E-Foil is an experience like no other. It's a feeling of stoke. After your session you are left with a feeling that is unexplainable. .